Your customer doesn’t care about your supply chain issues

While we might be tempted to explain customer service failures based on supply chain issues, in the end your customer doesn’t want to hear this.

I can say this from experience. Here’s the story:

I took my Toyota Echo to a local dealership because the A/C was not working well. I left the car with the dealer and expected to hear back from them within a day or two. After three days I called the dealership to see what was up, and I was informed that the mechanics hadn’t been able to find the problem. So nothing had been done. I got the car back because we needed it and I took it back several days later. Little did I know that I would not see my car again for nearly two weeks.

During these two weeks the mechanics tried several fixes. None of them worked. Turns out Toyota does not stock the compressor clutch that I needed, so the mechanics tried to build one out of parts. They did this three times, and each time it burned up. At $400 a crack that was expensive. Throughout this time I could not get an answer from the dealer as to what was happening.

In the end the dealer shipped in a new compressor and clutch was able to solve the problem. It only took three weeks, give or take a day.

But the issue was not the mechanics or the dealership. It was a decision on the part of Toyota to carry fewer parts in fewer locations in order to save money. In the end it cost them nearly $1500 in parts, shipping and labor – and most of my goodwill.

The lesson here? I really don’t care about Toyota’s supply chain or inventory issues. If they want to sell cars and service them, they need to invest in the inventory that is required to do this well. And if they can’t fix something in a reasonable amount of time, they need to keep the customer informed at all times. Not knowing what is happening – or, in this case, not happening – with my car was quite upsetting.

So remember that your customer doesn’t care about your supply chain issues. Right or wrong, they expect service and timely communication about how you are solving their problems.

And yes, I still do allow this dealership to work on my cars. They are in the process of redeeming themselves.

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  • fitz1  On July 11, 2012 at 10:54

    Follow up: I have had my car serviced by this dealership 3 times since this disaster. They are on their way to redemption.

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